What would Rachel Green wear to the office.

Rachel Green was one of the most stylish of New York’s working women, at least in the 1990s. The Friends soap character managed to look simply lovely in everything, but what she wore to the office is what I would like to talk about now. Those wardrobe staples are the items I would love to get my hands one. The effortlessly classic look of sleeveless dresses with smart boots for the office are as relevant todays as then. Sure one can argue that sleeveless is not for everyone and it can get chilly in some of the modern office buildings regardless of the time of year.

Then simply add a cardigan in either basic colors or choose one in any colors to break the simplicity of basic shades. Of course you can go for a jacket as well,  today it will be the slightly oversized but still well cut version to compliment the style.

And of course why not try to wear in winter over a long-sleeve turtleneck, black tights with your favorite oversized coat. You will have one of the most classic timeless looks.

I must confess that, a number of my clients feel it is not always appropriate to wear sleeveless to work. This applies to the more conservative corporate companies. Do not despair, if you feel confident and comfortable with this look, then go for it. By adding a t-shirt or body blouse under the dress this will offer you arm coverage or tummy flattening if needed.

You will be very chique with a simple dress and beautiful crisp blouse underneath. And you can even roll out the sleeves.

So let’s not forget “dress for the success’’ after all Rachel got the job with Ralph Lauren, I think that says enough.

The simplicity of the flatteringly cut dress and the perfect blowout hair will make you the one noticed and not forgotten at the office.

And I know!!