Wedding Guest.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being the best dressed female guest. Only do not upstage the bride, this is her day. Even though the rules are changing avoid white or creamy colors.
Weddings are formal occasions so it’s a great opportunity to do your best, therefore dresses and heels are perfect. I would choose a pretty floral guest wedding dress. But not the style seen in Agatha Christie films, much too classic. Let’s give it a twist. As any true fashionista would do it needs to be accompanied with a none conform hat. I would go for a Gambler Spanish hat, something like what Rhett Butler wore in Gone with the Wind. Together with a pair of bright high heeled shoes comfortable enough to wear for the long day ahead. Wedding reception takes some time and this is just a start of the happy day, so feeling effortless and at ease is essential to you mood after all you here to support the bride and have fun as well.

For more classic look in my second outfit I am keeping things chic in block colours and flattering fabrics. Weddings are happy moments so I will be staying out of dark colors especially in spring and  summer months.

The wedding location is St Jeroenskerk in Noordwijk Binnen is a beautiful church with lovely gardens. Perfect location for the big day and the gardens are the most wonderful place for any photography, the memories will last forever.