Transitional layers

There is that moment when you realize that summer is leaving and the fall is arriving. You also notice that the magazine covers are showing more darker palette colors. With the dropping temperatures here in the Netherlands it’s becoming time for an extra autumn layer.
Time to invest in the new trends, but what are they this year. It will be pattern this year. And I opt for a dress, being one piece there is little clashing problems at least. Patterns are perfect for the whole day, office, evening and weekends as well . It could not be easier to look great. The new trend will be the little tweed blazer an evergreen which I have and love to bring along. You saw it already worn by the influencers and fashion editors last year. This year it will be worn in force again. The heritage fabrics are making a proud comeback. And as we all know classic never goes out of style. And to give it shall we say a modern twist, wear a lovely printed dress with it. Coupled with a pair of high boots and there you have it, the ‘70s atmosphere and look. The traditional outfit is reborn.

Similar product that I wear in this post in different price categories are selected. My boots are from Stuart Weitzman in burgundy color.

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