To the Acropolis follow me.

To the Acropolis please follow me,  The Acropolis of Athens is an ancient citadel located on a rocky outcrop dominating the city and remains of ancient buildings architecture, the most famous being the Parthenon. The word acropolis is from the Greek words ἄκρον “highest point, extremity  and πόλις “city”.

I am staying at The Zillers which is a boutique hotel right in the middle of the Metropoleos road. With its garden roof where I am having breakfast the Mornings Shine At Zillers, and literally looking on the city gem infront of me I can’t think of a better location to stay.  A step away from the picturesque neighbourhood of Plaka and the heart of the vibrant city of Athens.  The neoclassical building has been recently redesigned and renovated but keeps it original design done by the German architect Ernst Ziller. The Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens is just next to it. I am about to be joining the morning service. Done. Now let me stroll through the Plaka district.

In the shadow of the Acropolis and its ancient temples, hillside Plaka has a village feel,  narrow cobblestone streets lined with tiny shops and wonderful coffee shops and restaurants. With the cats under your feet you are prepared for some ride.

The next stop is a must Klepsidra Cafe in Syntagma & Plaka. Located next to a little book shop it is tucked away in a quieter spot on the west end of Plaka,  with shady outdoor tables and the most ever friendly service. (Generally the hospitality and friendliness of the greeks is everywhere) Klepsidra is a favourite with locals as well and me. In my 4 days I visited 3 times.

Now landed in the Acropolis surprisingly busy even if it is November and very early morning when I came.. But of course a must see.. Once the crowds of the tourist starting to burst I am quickly heading to stroll back to Plaka.  Several stops in places where I recognize the locals sitting I am testing the preparation of the coffee, with a greek yogurt some olives and local sweet delicatessen it is time for some more walk. A beautiful hilly stroll and I am  stopping by some local artist and purchasing some souvenirs for me to take home.

So tempted to have a another stop in a lovely hidden located local restaurant next to a Sunday school the children are playing around and it feels like a perfect moment.  November sun is setting slowly down through the lemon trees. Thespis is another place I am visiting twice during my time here.

Time to leave, the  sun is low and I take a couple more cobbled streets down along  some Greek houses painted in white and I am back in the Zillers hotel. I can’t resist the aperitif at the garden terrace and enjoying the more metropolitan atmosfere of the city.

This evening I choose to go to Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro  if you are someone who like nice wine and like to learn about Greek ones and appreciate local foods with sophisticated approach this is the place. The owners and staff  are extremely knowledgeable about each detail and will share with you the all process of creation.

Time to go to bed and I’m already preparing how my day will look tomorrow…… I think I will do the same thing over again.

Ancient city like Athene scream white simple dress with the golden accessories.  I am wearing the this year back from the 90s choker in gold with the ever beautiful shelf designs from Tohum.  Inspired by “femininity and fertility”, Tohum’s ‘Puka’ necklace is threaded with gold-plated cowrie charms plus a natural one in the center.  Style  with some vintage  longer chains, but it can be worn as a bracelet or layered up with other designs from the collection. I simply love it.

Selected below what I wear from the jewelry to the dress from Cos with the Adidas trainers (good companion on my travels) I personally love the classic designs with a touch of red.  Comfortable shoes are must  prepare your self for some climbing up.  Links to the products are selected.

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