The timeless elegance of white shirt.

This endlessly versatile, completely affordable (as it come in all price ranges) a staple in nearly every man’s wardrobe is my personal favorite wardrobe item.

In the past the white shirt was originally seen as an item worn only by the wealthy, white easily stains but as they didn’t work, their shirts always stayed spotlessly white. It was meant to just show the collar and the cuffs. This changed as the time went by. In the 20th century the white shirt gets a new dimension and became more popular among everyone. The white shirt was made famous by Hollywood stars, from Katherine Hepburn who wore it in Holiday and  Lauren Bacall in Key Largo in the 1940s. During the 1950s in the film Roman Holiday the white shirt gains even greater popularity with Audrey Hepburn wearing hers with rolled up sleeves. And this forever stylish icon has prefered the white shirt style in her private time too.

And as time pasess in the 1980s famous moments where Prince worn his white shirt, paired with ruffled jackets making him quite the fashion forward icon and do not forget Kim Basinger in the very famous  9/half weeks could the white shirt be any sexier, I do not think so. Then in the ‘90s with Julia Roberts in an oversized white shirt is as famous an image as you could possibly imagine from Pretty Woman. Uma Thurman  in Pulp Fiction with her white shirt will forever be icon. And the list goes on and on. In addition to music and films, the white shirt is a huge part of fashion history too. A style staple, this is one item that will never go out of fashion.

Calvin Klein featured the white shirt in the 90’s as did Donna Karan fast forward to today Dior, Dolce & Gabbana  and many other revisiting this ageless classic to their collections. So over the times came the evolution of the classic white shirt in terms of its design and what it stands for and this classic can be found  under any brand today.

Personally this item has so much inspiration for me and is so effortlessly timeless I do jump to the opportunity to work together with the Ukraine-born brand Simplifi. Their vision is to produce the  white shirts with character for women true to themselves. With values of social impact, sustainability and passion for life to aspire and to empower women to go after their own dreams.

This goes as well with my own principles of fair trade products. In this Campaign we like to show that the white shirt can be worn in a 100 different moments,situations and moods.

I would like to share some of them with you.