The future is fuchsia.

If you, like most people, decided to leave fuchsia back in the ’80s and ’90s where you thought it belonged think again we are back. And why not  to try the tonal dressing by which we mean either wearing multiple shades of the same colour at once or the same hue top to toe . Dressing head to toe in one colour is not easy  but can give you a chic and sophisticated look if mastered.

I believe there are some rules.

First try different  textures and cuts to make the cosiest of outfits look chic but keep it simple.  Show as much of the shade opting for lots of layers and high necks. If you’re going to try head to toe in a bold tone, make sure to keep the rest of your ensemble fuss free so therefore please no additional decoration The nice thing is that any simple outfit looks remarkably more sophisticated when every element is the same shade I would only argue choose the right fabrics the better quality the more sophisticated it will look.

Dressing all in one colour can help accentuate your height so it’s a great way to add extra cm to you length, One of the easiest ways to master one-tone dressing is to do it with tailoring. Matching suit with the same color of camisole underneath or cashmere turtleneck  will be just right

I normally love to try wearing two rich jewel tones together, like fuchsia and wine. Which I opted for today.

Keep in mind that brighter, bolder colors will always pair well with neutrals , so I have chosen to wear my bright coat  with my natural Tods bag. Fuchsia looks great with camel. If you feel that you are not ready for a bright overcoat try wearing a classic overcoat with a statement-making clutch. Opposite what I wear.

The Future is fuschia 2019 dressing alert.