When I discovered  SunSoaked swimwear and Resort collection I was very positive and impressed about the attractive prints that  the brand had to offer.
But of course what mainly makes this brand amazing even before I tried the swimwear that it is Sunsafety proof with the  UPF50+ blocking. 
You might not already know but 98% of ageing and skin cancer is caused by effects of the sun. But I know we still love the sun and need the vitamin D so we should be outside. 
Small fact is that the global rising rates of melanoma need to be heeded and we need to be sending the message out there, we need to look after the skin we are  in.
So as long sleeved swimsuits and ruffles in swimwear are big trends for 2019 I will be wearing them over and over.  
Very happy to be part of the  #SunSoakedSisterhood,.
What I like is that these pieces look really cool and feel as well  with the moisture wicking fabric so long sleeves are  refreshing to be in all day. But the brand offer sleeveless pieces too.
Is all about how long you are staying outdoors and what activities you do. 
Today I decided to do some kayaking on the open sea in Noordwijk and my favorite place is to go is Beach Break. I cannot be happier than when I get to do some water sport. Learn more
We do not have in  Holland sun every day in the summer but when it  is out it is very strong and if you have the opportunities you rush out to enjoy it. 
I am very happy to be hoping around in this piece since the ruched torso creates a figure enhancing silhouette  and has an in built shelf bra, this can be taken out.
This Italian fabric is ultra chlorine resistant in case you are enjoying the pool time, piling and sun cream resistant too. 
That is a huge bonus since my other summer pieces always turn a dull color due to sun cream exposure,
I am staying safe in the sun and loving it with