Some Dolce time in Sicily

Just popped in for some TRADITIONAL SICILIAN ALMOND COOKIES . The almond cookies are “a must” of the Sicilian culinary tradition or take a Canolli  with Ricotta I had bought both,  they are equally delicious, impossible to resist. Standing at the counter and watching all what is going on around you while enjoying the best and most inexpensive coffee in the World is an experience in itself.  It’s good to know the locals,  they know where to be when it comes to taking coffee, and a good friend of mine introduced me to Tropical Bar in Castellammare del Golfo.  Next stop the Panificio dolcezze del golfo the freshness bread you can imagine in this bakery you can have lunch as well or take some tasty savory snacks with you to go. This kind of morning is easily my favorite one just enjoying the dolce far niente.

Fresh flowers in my hair with my Sicilian Dolce and Gabana sunglasses complimented the right mood.

I be back for sure.

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