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Need a fashion consultant?

Wardrobe Organisation

If you look into your wardrobe and are not happy anymore with what you see hanging. Then we can with our custom combination methods give your cupboard a new lease on life. Your new look!

Tailored image styling

Personal styling for everyone both men and women from all walks of life and careers. You like or need a new look and wish to have an expert opinion. We can help you achieve your desired look by aiding you in the selection of personal style items. Identify your tastes, activities, body type and desired image in order to tailor your required new look.

Personal shopper

To develop a deep and lasting relationship with you and proactively communicate with you regularly as your professional advisor. To keep you informed of items and trends spotted that we think will work perfectly for you. You being happy and comfortable with your new wardrobe is what we are striving for.

Travel packaging tips

We will also help you with a ‘what to take’ list for upcoming holidays or business trips. Nowadays it is as important to look properly dressed abroad as it is to behave correctly, your fine appearance will be seen and noted as a sign of respect. After all we are our own ambassadors.

What They Say About Us

About Gabriela

Would you like to know how my love for fashion came into being? Growing up as a young girl in a communist Czech Republic we did not have fashion shop windows to gaze into as we nowadays have. The choice was limited and dull. You had to be innovative to stand out in a crowd.

With the help of my mother and grandmother, my fashion icons both of them, and our trusty old Singer sewing machine, exciting and individual pieces came to life.

Since those early days I have had the good fortune to have traveled and gaze into those New York shopfronts, step into that Parisian boutique, and feel the silk fabrics on an Indian market stall.

But one thing remains and always will, I follow my own style, my own fashion philosophy and my own vision. I therefore look forward to working together with you, and creating the you that you want to portray.


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