Save the bees.

Is all about the Bees lately. As you might have heard and read lately bees are often in the news. Those red blinded intelligent insects that have been around for millions of years and their existence is threatened. All we have to do to help them is simply spread the word what small things that can be done to make them thrive again.

Is very easy to do via clothes as well. Spread the word with the t-shirt I am wearing today Plant these save the bees.

I love this company since is an animal rescue organization.  Lear more about Wholesome culture

Let everyone to become aware of the situation and become serious about this issue.

 Lot can be done.

Bees play such an important role in our lives, we often don’t know how threatened they are or how to help them.  But it can be simple.  You can just plant some plants.  Have a  part of your front lawn grass with flowering plants, which provides food and habitat for bees.  You can do this on your balcony as well. Keep color in mind when planting, they love blue, purple, and yellow flowers and plants. Plant native example if you live in Europe do not go to exotic they are familiar to native plants to plant accordingly.

More and more people are planting a bee garden. This starts with leaving the grass a little longer, flowers provide food and natural habitat for bees.  We will get so much in return the bees will pollinate your flowers, providing a harvest of fruits, seeds and vegetables. Important  avoid pesticides (a substance used for destroying insects or other organisms harmful to cultivated plants or to animals).

Can you believe those smart creatures know how to communicate and to tell each other about the direction and location of food sources in relation to the sun.