Read more books.

There is something magical when  visiting a bookstore the post production of paper being printed with the words and sentences which make a story in your hand and everywhere around this smells so strong that you just want to breathe this in and out.  

So  when I get the opportunity to visit a beautiful  bookstore I am of course all for it. Just walking around, going from one section to another looking for what is new what are the best sellers at this moment. Or checking the stunning coffee table books or simply scroll around the trusted classics. I will reveal a little secret that  reading was actually my first hobby of my life and I took a books everywhere where I moved. Literally reading while walking somewhere. My favorite literary genre is classic. The writer is Émile Zola and from here I can go from Fyodor Dostoyevsky or Lev Tolstoj to Jane Austen. So I guess I am really a novel type of girl. But don’t get me wrong I will and love to read modern literature as well.

I will only read physical books. You may be wondering why I don’t just read e-books on a mobile device, saving myself all the time and effort required to bring books in and out of the house. When everything else is  going digital, there is something grounding about having an organically growing collection of books in the home. So to feel actual book in your hands is like a prayer to me. Since the world has become digital some decades or so I lost my appetite for reading real books I guess I was seduced by the digital world.

But happy to confess right now that I am moving back to old trusted solid books and I can not be any happier.

P.S When it comes to chic style, wide leg trousers are where it’s at. Palazzo pants are the perfect statement piece for a spending day between bookshelf’s.