Pomellato of Milan

There is something very special about Pomellato, I love the brand so much. I think that it represents a timeless beauty of elegance and individuality. The lines and designs are relatively simple made for self confident women who love colorful creations with an unconventional twist and unmistakable style. Objects that you can wear at anytime, not only to wear on special occasions or while waiting for that special person.

It all started in 1967 introducing the concept of prêt-à-porter jewelry. Going away from the at that time the idea jewelry was status and not something you could mix and match daily as we nowadays do. The founder Pino Rabalomi believed that wearing jewelry should be fun. His thoughts and ideas all originated in the Milan of the early ‘60’s. The city was with at the time with art, culture and design merging together, and waiting for a customized jewelry house to open its doors.

Marking the brands fifty year anniversary is  just as much to celebrate the freedom and creativity which Pomellato gave us as the milestone itself. Now fifty years on and with two ateliers the house still works with the same outstanding craftsmanship in a most personal and honest way. With the same sustainable sourcing monitors and environmental impact. I greatly appreciate that the house is only acquiring and using 100% sustainable gold and stones. This only makes the delightfully beautiful pieces shine even more.

Supporting talent and encouraging creativity typifies exactly how this brand are champions for female achievements, leadership and gender equality.

Pomellato creations are immediately recognizable, my all time favorite being the bouquet of emotions collection Máma non Máma ( he loves me he loves me not). Just putting them on and you can see the emotions shine through your fingers.

Pomellato & Steltman celebrated its 50th Anniversary with the launch of ICONICA in the Netherlands the presentation took place at KookStudio where the excellent and charming chef Eric-Jan Fransen lead us to create the most delicious meal.

Thank you again Pomellato & Steltman for an  unforgettable evening.

Wearing Pomellato via Steltman.com