What an absolutely delightful oasis of peace and tranquility in the heart of Amsterdam the Hortus Botanicus is.

Started in the 1600s to research medical plants and even today you have a feeling that you have entered a place far away with a bit of special mystery going on.

The botanical garden is in Plantage district of Amsterdam and is one of the oldest in the world. It includes also the Amsterdam’s major tourist attractions.

After living for the past 24 years in the Netherlands and some of that time in Amsterdam itself, today was my first visit. It was a very relaxing place to visit on a warm Sunday afternoon as today.  Beautiful plants, peaceful environment, lots of fresh air and it even got warmer in some of the places inside the green house; there are different ‘climate’ moments for you to feel.

Today I have learned that with the 6000 different plants there also are very unique ones, such as the 2000 years old agave cactus and the 300 year old Eastern Cape giant cycad.

Today was for me an “out and about day”. Gave my Cult Gaia Ark bag its first outing. I went for the natural bamboo model, large enough for my camera and all my bits and bobs. Dressed the part in green shades of my Miu Miu shoes with Calzedonia socks, Mango high waisted pants, Zara blouse from last season and my Belstaff khaki jacket is as close to a jungle jacket as I have, blended into my afternoon in the jungle perfectly.

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