Noordwijk on Sea, Beach Life.

Winter or Summer this is the Dutch beach to be. The mondaine town is as busy in the winter as well as the summer, well nearly. On a sunny, breezy day, there can hardly be a more beautiful coastline anywhere in the World.

Today I will visit the Winter Lodge, open unlike many of the other beach clubs here in Noordwijk, all year around. Fantastic atmosphere, all round cosy I would say. An emphasis on good, healthy, light and tasty food. Exactly what I like, and not even a ten minute walk from where I live. I could not be happier!

Sitting in font of the fireplace sipping a ‘green shake’ and the sun warming my neck through the window behind.

Not bad I would say!!  It seems that the life is better on the beach whatever the weather or season is.

Comfy shoes and hats are mandatory!  I am wearing my new Superstar 80s half heart Adidas white sneakers. If I put my feet together you can see the full heart. Is all about detail right and as I am in love with this limited design I have my customized with my name.

Pictures taken at the winter Lodge.

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