Nature and Fashion goes hand in hand

Even though the ‘Randstad’ is the most populated area of the Netherlands you can still find wonderful open areas to get lost in. Picturesque villages like the one that I am now in Warmond. Situated on the shore of the Kagerplassen.

The South Holland countryside hasn’t changed much in the last 400 years. What you see today is what people saw then when they took the regularly scheduled canal boats to get them from village to village.

The Kagerplassen which is an adjoining system of lakes is extremely popular with water sporters served by several marinas. And from the land side with amazing dunes, parks, gardens and farms the walker will also not be disappointed.

From the water or land there is plenty to enjoy. Winters are for a hearty stroll.  My first stop was to visit an old windmill , still operational and open to the public. After leaving the mill behind me and crossing a most charming of bridges I was greeted by a group of horses peering towards me approaching over their fence. Spending some time with them and feeling that I had gained some of their trust it then felt time to look for a place selling hot chocolate on this sunny but cold day. I could not wait to see the results somewhere warm and cosy of my recently learnt new camera techniques. Light behind the subject, water half way up the subject. That sort of stuff…..Nature and Fashion goes hand in hand for me so I am wearing my Rixo Cherry Blossom dress with my vintage faux fur in mint green with CULT GAIA  Ark large bamboo clutch and  Fendi’s sunglasses with burgundy acetate.

My Cherry print RIXO London dress is sold out  but have selected  another vibrant florals  inspired by gardens and meadows in England. It’s cut from diaphanous silk crepe de chine.

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