My Bliss.

I have this thing with jewelry, in fact since that I was a little girl. Each piece that I own represents something special that happened or occurred during my life so far, its own story and often during travels. I hardly ever wear as many pieces at one time as I am showing in the following photos. But I have been known to show and enjoy as many as fifteen at a time, it is fun and makes me so happy.  My motto is either you layer as many pieces as you can or you wear one special item. I also have no jewelry days to give the outfit that I am wearing every chance to shine alone. But not today!

Today’s philosophy with jewelry is “more is more” but has nothing to do with “look at me”. It has all to do with what works best for you. There are no rules, your jewelry, your rules! But of course there are some points that we strive to achieve. The look should be effortless and stylish, and as if you hardly thought about what pieces to adorn. Proportion is extremely important, if you start with a large piece, for example a pendant. Then you should complement it with several fine and dainty necklaces. I adore crosses and angels and these will keep the team going.

My beautiful pendant, my largest, Nafariti is vintage and a gift from my parents returning home once from Egypt. You can go for mixing some stones, modern with classic etc. The necklaces should flow from your neck in different lengths.Bracelets are so much fun and filling the wrists is something that I love, both wrists!  

Rings on the fingers ditto, the more the Merrier I say!!