Mix & Match

You have more than likely heard of mix and match regarding clothing. What does that exactly mean? It basically means you can mix different skirts with for example different blouses to create a new look every time. But it also means that you can mix upmarket products with high street brands. Or of course you can mix old with new. Then on the other hand you can mix the prints together, flower with tartan. What I am wearing today is full of mixes.

I start with a new blue woolen skirt from this season together with an older sweater and coat. Under the sweater a light blue vintage blouse. This I complement with some design, shoes and handbag, which I have both had for a long time.

Since today is a cold one, I will be layering. Start with a bright blouse and build from there. A plaid mini skirt is the ideal replacement for jeans. That with a striped sweater, check coat and cosy shawl should do the trick. Together with my favorite Prada boots, gloves and LV shopper I intend to do some grocery shopping. Much as shopping for new fashion items can be very tempting as well as fun. We fashion girls know that it is not necessary to fill our closets with the newest trends. The idea is to continually refresh what you already have and give those pieces another chance.

Easier said than done. It surprises me how often you see ladies struggling to get Mix and Match to its fullest reward.

It’s now coming towards the end of January so I opted to keep the color palette basic with a significant amount of blues. The varying shades of blue give harmony , a stable color palette and shows confidence. If you add to your daily items of clothing some quality pieces you will be happy to mix and match to your hearts content. Any vintage you have will also work brilliantly, it can be the coat, bag or shoes.

I have found for you a lovely pair with that vintage look, what do you think of them. For the classic high street brands, in particular the stripped blouses and sweaters you cannot beat Cos in my opinion. Their contemporary basic pieces are of the most beautiful quality, even after washing. Mine all go into a ‘washing bag’ to keep them that way.

If you are still not sure on how to Mix&Match I will be delighted to be of assistance.

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