‘Me’ time.

Feeling so pampered and completely taken care of by my favorite body care institute. Pure Sophisticated Body Care truly lives up to its name.

Greeted upon arrival by Susanne this Saturday morning just as I am at least one Saturday in the month, with the most perfectly made café latte and a delicious pastry. These are my moments of pure joy and calming peace, just to be here again.

The weather being nice I sat out in the pretty garden, an oasis in itself.

An hour or so later after taking one, sometimes two of the treatments on offer. Boy do I feel good!!

Before saying goodbye and being on my way another coffee is offered.

This is the moment to give the shelves and counter my full attention.

The assortment that is on display is of the finest quality, not your most known brands, but all carefully selected and scrumptious, and I rearly leave empty handed, infact I never do!!

Dreaming and already looking forward to my next Saturday visit……….

Again thank you so much Ladies X.

Wearing  LOTT. Gioielli via Pure SB Cosmetics

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