‘Little red riding hood’

Architecture Spa town in Moravia, Czech Republic

Jurkovičův dům (house) is an absolute unique work of art thanks to the folk art nouveau architect Dusan Jurkovic. Located in the center of the beautiful spa town of Luhacovice, which I have repeatedly revisited since my childhood.

Luhacovice is a spa town famous for its healing mineral spring waters. It receives guests from all over the world, particularly those with asthmatic and breathing problems.

During my last stay at Jurkovičův dům I was again overwhelmed by the unique form of ‘little red riding hood ‘ architecture you see.

The majority of hotels and pensions that Luhacovice has to offer are built in a folklore style of architecture, all very quaint.
During the summer months the town enjoys a wide variety of outdoor cultural events ranging from pop music to folklore to opera. Then during the autumn and winter those who enjoy quiet and peacefulness will find it.

As I always like to dress for the occasion my Maje folkloric dress, Castaner espadrilles and some bought on my travels wooden armband jewelry made me blend perfectly into this ‘let’s go out in the woods today ‘ spa town surroundings.

Photo credit Amy Constantine

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