Little house on the prairie.

Printed dresses and frilly blouses on repeat.

In my previous posts here & here I kept on mentioning the printed dresses and frilly blouses and seeing what many designers are showing they certainly seem to be enjoying a deserved return. I am going for the laid back variant with a western spin. Being an already girly, romantic look I feel it needs a more androgynous style.  But then again many women love the straightforward  prettiness of the trend, and who can blame them, I do! Just add a whisker basket and clogg sandals, or perhaps a robust pair of Dr Martens, and don’t forget the evergreen sneakers working brilliantly as well.

And there you have it, the Urban Prairie Girl 2018 is born!

Just because I’m a stylist doesn’t mean I’m laboring under the delusion that every trend can work on me or even that we all need to adapt to it.  I always loved the prairie dresses — you know, the high-neck, vintage-looking floral dresses that have slowly been taking over editorial post and instagram feds. As pretty as a prairie dress can be, if you don’t find the right silhouette or print, you can look like you’re wearing something you found in your grandmother’s closet. (which can be fun as well). But I for now will be sticking with well proportioned outfit.  You do not need to staple in your closet chunk of the dresses or frilly romantic blouse just one item to wear with you favorite jeans or boots can add extra spin on you mood.