When in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood

Last month I had the pleasure to visit several of the Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Fujairah. What an amazing experience it was. So much diversity, desert, beaches, culture and the skyscrapers city of Dubai. For me one of the highlights was my visit to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, built with can you believe it, 100,000 tons of white marble. The beauty of the Mosque is immense, I found it a humbling experience. Then a visit to a shopping mall was on my itinerary. On the second floor of Dubai Mall you find the impeccable bookstore Kinokuniya, which stores more than 500,000 books, and not to mention newspapers and magazines in every language there is.

They even offer in the mall for those fully loaded with shopping bags ( not me I am afraid) a porter service. The United Arab Emirites was founded in 1971. And all around you there is a constant hustle and bustle of construction work going on. It seems as if each new building has to set a new height record.

Me being a feet firmly on terra firma type of girl, I was more than happy admiring such splendid architecture looking up rather than down. In another mall down the road I could have even gone snow skiing. But reflecting back on my trip to the Emirites the visit to Philately House will be the one that  I will treasure most. Located in the Al Fahidi historical neighborhood. It has a permanent collection of stamps and coins, and had a feeling of ‘the real and old’ UAE.

My best and favorite friend during my stay was a Malene Birger outfit, light and comfortable combating the heat of the day. Together with a stylish and easy to wear pair of electric blue Castaner espadrilles.

My bag is from Rebecca Minkoff, earrings from H&M.

Photo credit Dominika Tesařová

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