Gaudí’s Colorful architecture

Beautiful sunflower

When you are traveling or staying in  Northern Spain, the Cantabria area and you are looking for something cultural to do there, I have a tip for you. A wonderful museum which is actually a private home, or more accurately was in the past. Where can you find Antoni Gaudí work outside of Barcelona? I can tell you it is in Comillas.

El Capricho or Villa Quijano, as it is also known, is located in Comillas, in the autonomous region of Cantabria, located between the Basque Country and Galicia. It was built between 1883 and 1885 and was commissioned by Máximo Díaz de Quijano who was from Cantabria, but made his fortune in Latin America. Sounds already exiting don’t you think. The El Capricho is Gaudí one of his first works.. The architect known for his Catalan Modernisme style of architecture, which is very colourful, eye-catching and uses inspiration from nature. El Capricho is an incredible villa in a pretty peaceful surrounding  that was built by Gaudí as a summer residence. Sometimes they call it Villa Quijano. This vibrant building gave an early insight into the then young man’s genius .

A very interesting fact that I found after doing some research was that Gaudí never actually visited El Capricho; the entire building was constructed under the direction of his assistant Cristóbal Cascante. And another fact is that the wealthy Máximo Díaz de Quijano never got to live in his mansion either, as he died the very year it was completed. Very lucky for us  the house is a museum nowadays.. And gives us the opportunity as visitors to see Gaudí’s stunning design up close. You actually have the feeling that you have just moved in to this  modernist and neo-gothic style, this little castle vibrant villa. 

Once you have completed your visit and spend some time in the garden you can visit the town of  Comillas which is located on the sea side. You will not be disappointed. As for me I visited twice while holidaying in Cantabria. 

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