Charlie’s angels

The movement of women supporting each other has lately been coming over loud and clear. And when you see women uniting with so much solidarity together, the message is crystal clear, we will win! As Diana von Furstenberg beautifully said, ‘The success for one woman is the inspiration for another “.

So then when I heard that creative director Elena Zemlyanskaya would be directing a story about Mellola jewelry and then publishing this inspiring story, I wanted to be somehow involved. To be able to contribute together with such hard working ladies is nothing less than an honor. So we went to work the three of us, different ages, styles, looks and lifestyles. But with one similar factor in common, that being dreams, commitment and approach.

We are modeling today the jewelry of Mellola. With Jennifer Lui the creative marketer  who also organizes dance events and Melissa Tolud a truly talented young entrepreneur running a number of successful projects. And myself make up the three. Melissa is the lady standing proudly behind her philosophy ‘Empowering Jewelry for and by empowered Women”. The rich and deep philosophy of Mellola comes from the belief that all women have a strong inner strength. The brand stands for a woman’s confidence, her inner beauty, courage and authentic voice.

Founded not so long ago in 2015 by Melissa Tolud herself and reflecting on her own life struggle. She went with full drive forward, rising and not giving in to life’s hardship. Producing bold and colorful pieces of jewelry all exquisite, giving her confidence and inner joy. Melissa wanting to further enrich the empowerment of women worldwide decided to have women from Indonesia to collaborate with her on her designs. The pieces are made from sustainable materials, all bold and unique.

Jewelry for a Power Woman! Wanting to share hope and inspire other women facing obstacles she has given herself a goal of connecting with a thousand women each year to achieve this.

I think now of the story of the man who was asked to break a twig, which he did easily. He was then asked to break a hundred twigs wrapped together, which he could not.

Together we women are strong and do not forget it!