A day in Amsterdam

I am at this moment getting off the train at Amsterdam Central station which  is an attraction in itself. It houses some lovely shops and cafes. But it is a very busy station the most visited in the Netherlands. I love how it is located not far from places where I usually need to be when in the city. I am starting off in the direction to the center, on my way passing the typical canal houses which nearly all  have a very narrow frontage with a steeply pitched gable. Initially, most gables were built with a Dutch interpretation of Gothic style. Later, Renaissance and Baroque styles were used. There is not another city like Amsterdam, this I keep saying and I love to visit as often as possible. Today the gloomy weather compliments the old buildings and canals.

Mystery at it best, who lives there now and how was it in the past I am thinking.

I am dressed warm in a white coat to brighten up the day with a RB baker hat.  Who is the person behind this famous hat which is worn by so many supermodels, and so many beautiful women out there.  Even Madonna is a fun and owns several customized made for her. The man himself Ruslan Baginskiy started his fashion career as a stylist during which he always entertained a passion for the millinery. The story has it that after seeing conductors on a train ride in Paris and feeling inspired by their allure, he then started to design these insanely cute hats and it is not that long time ago when the first one was born. Since Queen B who was snapped in a head-turning outfit designed by Ruslan Baginskiy made her entrance there is no turning back. The hat is born. And believe me you will make a statement. There are so many options available (sometimes there is even a  waiting list) and it comes from Kiev so it is special and made with care.

But due to it popularity more shops now offers the product. I have to confess I am absolutely addicted to this style. You know that when the hat is cool no one notices your hair. So bad day hair are more fun these days. And can I confess that  I do wear hats often, as sun protection and style adding to any outfits. The ones from Ruslan are very comfortable. You do not notice you have something on your head. My favorite is the black wool the one with the red letters . Is a classic one. Black wool hat RB

As I search for trends, being a style hunter,  I came across this beautiful Danse Lente bag designs. I am carrying today.  Translating to “slow dance” in French, Danse Lente’s debut collection is inspired by the angular shapes and clean lines of modern architecture. This London-based brand works with skilled craftsmen, tanners and metal craftsmen to create impeccably handmade goods. I love  the collection it is modern but will be timeless with the elegant colors and simple shapes. My choice is the Margot leather tote with it adjustable straps so you can make it fit to all your needs, love the orange shade, Margot leather tote . Black Levis skinny jeans and black boots.

Amsterdam is waiting and I am on my way to you Dear.