7 Day Viking Sagas

FLAM-STAVANGER-KRISTIANSAND-OSLO savor the Journey via Holland America Line 

It was on my bucket list for a long time and now finally ticked off.

A cruise to Norway with its magnificent fjords, stunning landscapes and picturesque towns dotting the coastline.

A Viking voyage which started in Amsterdam, not far from Noordwijk where I live.

After the first day which was at sea, stops with shore visits were made in Flåm, Stavanger, Kristiansand and Oslo.

I took the opportunity in each port of call to see as much of the local way of life as possible, aided by my sturdy hiking boots.

Stavanger I will always remember for its charming wooden faced houses in the old center, all beautifully painted in the most variety of colors.

And up-market Kristiansand, where I was told the wealthy Norwegians keep their second homes.

The last harbor that was visited was Oslo. A pretty neat and tidy city it certainly is. For me the long walk up to the Edvard Munch Museum, with a good selection of works from this Norwegian artist was one of the highlights.

I must tell you that returning to the ship was never a hardship. We would most days depart at around five o’clock in the afternoon. From the top deck, watching with a cocktail in hand the ship moving away was nothing less than delightful. Then down to my stateroom (that’s what a cabin is called on the Holland American Line) and prepare for a lovely dinner followed by an international show in the main theater.

This was my first cruise, and had some doubts if I would like it.

But am now quietly planning where my next Captains table might be.

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